o’cean fruit wave - strawberry & raspberry


ocean fruit wave is a fruit drink designed especially for kids! it has the goodness of water, the deliciousness of fruit, the energy of glucose and the pep of vitamins b3, b6, b9 & b12. it does not contain any artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours and is available in four yummy flavour combinations. it is packaged in a fun & ergonomically designed bottle for small hands with a low spill sports cap, fruit wave is the ultimate drink for kids who want their daily dose of #refreshingfruityfun.

ingredients (as per label) : water, sugar, glucose, reconstituted fruit juice from concentrate (apple 8%, strawberry 1 %, raspberry 1 %), acidity regulators (e 330, e 331), stabilizer (e 440), antioxidant (e 300), preservatives (e 202, e 242), vitamins b3 (niacin), b6 (pyridoxine).

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nutritional information (approx. values per 100ml as per label)
energy 50 kcal
protein 0 g
total carbohydrates 12.36 g
of which sugar 10 g
salt 0.04 g
sodium 1 mg
potassium 9.3 mg
magnesium 1 mg
vitamin b3 1.2 mg
vitamin b6 1 mg
folic acid 1 mg

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