o’cean one8 active water - peach


ocean active water is a flavoured water packed with minerals, natural flavours and 40% less sugar than carbonated soft drinks. it does not contain any artificial sweeteners or colours which makes it the next best drink to water and the three exciting fruit flavours just score 100% on taste.

ingredients (as per label) : water, sugar, acidity regulator (e 330, e 331 (iii)), minerals ( e 329, e 508), permitted class ii preservative (e 202).

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nutritional information (approx. values per 100ml as per label)
energy 24.8 kcal
total carbohydrates 6.2 g
of which sugar 6.2 g
salt 0.01 g
sodium 5.0 mg
potassium 7.8 mg
magnesium 6.0 mg

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