Our Impact - Sustainability

Our focus is to Recycle & Reuse, which is why we package our beverages in just those kinds of materials. Our O’cean one8 Energy Drink is in aluminum cans which are Infinity recyclable, whereas O’cean one8 Active Water is in reusable bottles.

Sustainable Living is a goal we strive to achieve and would encourage everyone else to join us.

Another effort in reducing our ecological footprint as well as bringing better beverages is creating them with natural ingredients is we use natural caffeine from tea leaves, natural flavors, and no synthetic colours.

We begin our journey with our vision and it continues through our products; join us along with Virat Kohli, as we partner with The Eat Right India movement in partnership with the FSSAI and we encourage all our consumers to reuse and recycle all their food and beverage packaging.

As we play the days in our busy multitasking lives, let's be mindful of the impact our choices have on our environment. And #PlayTheDay

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